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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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d up potentially to larger class size and a potential loss of thousands of teachers and support staff jobs. the maryland state education association, the teachers union is launching today this website. it's named don't shortchange, a play on governor hogan's change they say hogan is taking too much from schools. >> it's balanced on the backs of students in maryland. >> the website allows one to search county by county and see how the numbers play out. montgomery county, for instance is budgeted to receive more than $25 million less than expected. prince george's county nearly $38 million less. >> might be faced again with layoffs to teachers but the rate that our school system has grown, it's a cut what he's proposing. less money for students. >> hogan's camp counters that the budget actually increases state aid to k through 12 public education to record amounts.
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with a $45 million hike in spending to a total of $6.1 billion. hogan's budget director agrees there's not as much as some would like but argues tough choices must be made. >> the challenge that this administration faces is there's $17 billion in spending requests and there's only $16.4 billion in cash coming in. >> now the budget secretary says that he appreciates that discussion about the budget has now started. but it remains to be seen if there is any wiggle room on the part of the governor the legislature by law cannot add any money to the budget. they can just move things around so the negotiations have begun. the governor gives his state of the state address tomorrow and he'll certainly be talking much more about his budget priorities at that point. in annapolis, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> thank you brad. and more news from marylan regarding public education. montgomery county public schools superintendent joshua starr is stepping down.
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neither starr nor the board of education says why they're parting ways. >> there are eight individuals on the board. there was eight different thoughts, opinions. >> the message is not one of quitting. right? the message, i hope would be one that don't get into a fight that you know you're not going to win. >> recent reports say starr lacks support on the board for appointment to a second four-year term. starr will leave his post in two weeks. larry bowers the district's chief operating officer will be interim superintendent until a permanent successor is named. warmer temperatures headed our way tomorrow but they could be followed by some snowflakes on thursday. abc 7's chief meteorologist doug hill has the first look at your forecast. doug? >> hey there maureen. right now, mostly clear. 32 degrees in arlington. outside of the belfort furniture weather center show you the temperatures area wide. 30 at gaithersburg and 31 at washington dulles. 32 at andrews. temperatures had drop tonight
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but only in the 20's. last night we had many areas in the teens. partly cloudy overnight. 26 for an average wake-up temperature through the day tomorrow. nice recovery south and southwesterly winds will push us close to 35050 degrees in the afternoon. you mentioned snow flurries were that's expected to move in here thursday morning with some gusty winds and indeed some flurries. we'll look beyond that towards the weekend. >> thanks doug. >> developing now, king abdullah ii is meeting with president obama right now at the white house. it happens as jordan vows revenge for the killing of the captured military pilot. video posted on line reportedly shows the pilot burned alive by the islamic state. jordan now says it will speed up the execution of the one isil wanted freed. president obama and american muslim leaders reacted with disgust to the pilot's >> i think we'll redouble the
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vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition to make sure that they are degraded and ultimately defeated. >> it is the most critical task for the people of conscious today. the nation to come united against this brutality. >> jordanian state television says the pilot was killed last month. we'll have complete coverage of the king's visit tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. the trial for the man accused of plotting an attack on the u.s. capital is on hold. christopher cornell's trial was scheduled for march 2nd but today, a u.s. district judge in cincinnati postponed it. cornell pleaded not guilty to several charges including attempted murder of u.s. officials. sweeping new security measures including possibly metal detectors are proposed for the national zoo in the wake of violence at major events there.
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abc 7 on your side fighting back reporter jennifer donaldon is live tonight in northwest washington. jennifer? >> well, maureen, when we come to the zoo, you're used to its open gate policy but spring break can spell trouble here at the national zoo and it's not inside the zoo but what happens outside. on a cold february day at the national zoo a cheetah walked alone. lunch tables were empty and foot traffic was low. come spring it will be a much different picture. more than 25,000 visitors can pass through the gates on a busy day. when high schools let out for spring break -- violence has broken out on one occasion. just last year two young people were wounded by gunfire on easter monday. after a year of meetings the zoo is poised to enact new security measures as a result aimed at stopping those guns from blasting outside its gates. >> i think it's sad that we've
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come to this point where we have to have the security. >> mary williamson of arlington remembers the headlines last spring and in years passed. according to the zoo and those familiar with the planning the new controls will be implemented on high volume days and could include metal detectors, bag checks limiting the number of entrance points and monitoring capacity levels while reserving right to restrict access until numbers normalize. >> it's not different to what many zoos around the country do in those circumstances and consistent to what the smithsonian does in general. everybody is used to having their bag checked going into a museum. >> it's certainly sad that there was so much violence that people are contemplateing that. >> now the director of the zoo dennis kelly did release a very lengthy statement. we're going to show you part of that statement right now. in it he says "this is the most feasible, cost effective
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solution with the intention of eliminating violence especially from individuals and groups with concealed weapons in and around the zoo during high capacity days." the public is sure to weigh in on this one. i'm jennifer donaldon, abc 7 news. >> thanks jennifer. a wild shootout and it happened inside a store with surveillance cameras rolling. how the store owner fought back next. >> this old house is one of the historic gems of d.c.'s anacostia neighborhood ignored for so long but now getting a whole lot of attention because the rest of the city is so expensive. i'm sam ford. story is coming up on abc 7 news. >> and northeast is hit again. a feet of snow on the ground what they're dealing with now.
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>> new information tonight about a woman found dead near reagan national airport. d.c. police identified her today as maria cruz of alexandria. cruz was found in the water near four mile run stream on saturday. a medical examiner will determine how she died. if you have information about cruz's death, d.c. police want to talk to you. d.c. police also need your help to make an arrest in connection with a robbery. it happened in the 1100 block of
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bladensburg road northeast, the victim was approached inside a convenience store on thursday. surveillance video shows the suspect walking up behind the victim yelling at her and taking her cash. contact d.c. police if you recognize him. newly released surveillance video shows a shootout inside a phoenix jewelry store. the owner was shot in the leg when he refused to hand over his cash. then, after throwing money on the floor, the owner shot the thief as she was picking it up. well, the store has now closed but the owner says he feels no ill will. >> didn't even think of anything, you know. everybody makes mistakes in their life. nobody is angel here. >> the thief pled guilty yesterday and the owner plans to reopen his business in a new and more secure location. next at 6:00 encouraging changes for a d.c. neighborhood.
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why experts believe it's taking a turn for the better and we're monitoring the potential for a few snowflakes later this week. what you can expect. >> the wizards are sliding and their head coach lights them up as they hit the road to play the conference leaders. the caps are in the phone booth tonight trying to take down the defending champions as abc
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>> a d.c. neighborhood known for its violence may be taking a turn. we're talking about congress heights and the signs of revival going on there. d.c. bureau chief sam ford reports from southeast. >> in historic anacostia, the renovators are busy with a part of town long ignored by many as a ghetto is growing in popularity and price. >> historic anacostia is 250,000. >> and they're fixing them up. not an avalanche of new residences but steady. this is one of the better examples where we have residences in groups of houses. they have restored them to their former victorian glory and
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you're seeing this happening more and more in blocks here throughout anacostia. >> even realtors from across the river are now showing over here. something is happening, people are buying. it is affordable. >> and the major builders have come here as well. mixed income complexes are springing up along suitland parkway which used to just hold housing projects. >> it's a beautiful location. great metro is right there. and it's developing. >> it's really like the best deal in d.c. if you want to stay in the city. >> and yes, anacostia, like most of d.c. is becoming whiter. >> our clients are single caucasian women, young black professionals and the lgbt community. >> urban blight is still here crime is higher than other neighborhoods but lower than it used to be here but so many people want in. the listing service mris says the median price of a home in anacostia jumped from $200,000
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to $240,000 in one year. reporting from southeast washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> "7 on your side" tonight with a consumer alert from coca-cola. the company known for its carbonated drinks is going to produce milk. its minute maid division is rolling out a new line called fair life. coca-cola says the drink has 50% more protein, 50% less sugar and 50% more calcium than regular milk. expected to be available nationwide next month. another hit for the midwest and new england. after a massive snowstorm, the regions are now dealing with bitter cold. in boston the snowiest week on record with nearly three feet on the ground. schools were closed again today and right now, the wind chill there is at about 10 degrees. meanwhile, boston mayor martin walsh says the victory parade for the new england patriots cannot be pushed back again even though the city is digging out from the snow.
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the subway system is also having weather-related problems. and monday night, walsh announced the parade will be postponed to wednesday morning, tomorrow. many suggested moving the date to saturday. but the mayor says players will have scattered by then. i assume most of them going south. >> i think that's a good call there. absolutely. here, we -- you were not that far from boston when you think about it. the storm track has been up the coast and we've been right on the edge and it looks like sunday night we'll have another system and it will be just on the edge. will it be rain or snow? in the shorter term, a lot easier to talk about. let's get started with a beautiful time lapse. beautiful sunrise. few clouds rolled in during the mornings and hen it cleared out and turned into a gorgeous afternoon and early evening. temperatures climbing across the city into the upper 30's. beautiful day indeed. as far as numbers right now in the weather bug network, take you first up to bowie. 35 degrees right now reported. 33 in manassas. and the winds are very light.
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that was a nice change of pace for today. while the almanac shows the numbers, 38 at reagan national. 25 the morning low as well and 45 and 29 are the averages here so we're a little below average technically but with a lighter winds, much more comfortable outdoor day. we're at 34 right now at reagan national. 30 at frederick and gaithersburg. quantico at 35 degrees and tonight, temperatures will fall. here's the deal. with southwesterly and sotherly winds coming in and a couple of clouds, we're only going to fall to these ranges. no teens locally in the morning. 25 degrees in gaithersburg. 22 in leesburg and manassas. 26 by wake-up time tomorrow morning. we expect it in bowie. high pressure giving us a beautiful day today as that settles down kind of south out of the picture. allow the winds more to turn to the southwest and west. might bring in a few clouds but mostly be for us to bring in warmer temperatures. that's how we'll get close to 50 tomorrow afternoon and then a little farther to the west we're keeping an eye on a warm front. but that's going to wash out over the lakes and we'll get the cold front instead.
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that's going to bring us a chance of snow flurries and maybe a snow shower here by thursday morning. here's the advance of the front. looks as though there will be snow showers in the mountains and maybe a few flurries. so maybe a few snow showers or flurries. then winds will start kicking up in the afternoon and turns a bit on the breezy side as well. here's what we expect as we head into the day on wednesday. nice warmup. 50 degrees at 4:00 in the afternoon with sotherly winds. next seven days shows weather conditions staying pretty pleasant even though it's chilly as we head through late thursday and friday. over the weekend, we'll have a bright note on saturday. sunny and 45. then come sunday night and monday, computer models suggesting that storm again will be close enough but temperatures will be borderline. will it be rain, snow or the dreaded wintry mix? tuesday, we'll keep a close eye on for you. >> oh! >> looks like some of our local teens need some tough love. >> yeah speaking of ice the
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caps they're on the road needing to change their mojo a little bit. the wizards need to show some magic, too? how doxñaó5ñ
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>> hey, let's start with hockey tonight because alex ovechkin has nine goals in the last seven games including six in his last
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three home games which is great. this is not. the team has gone 1-4-2 through that stretch and tonight, the caps play the kings in the phone booth. not ovi's fault. washington is not playing smart defensively kind of like they did in early november when they lost five in a row. right now, the caps haven't been as physical. they're not blocking shots and the power play it's just been downright inconsistent. >> i think we're doing the right things, we're still managing to get points in the majority of our games but that being said we got to get regulation wins. we got to get decisive wins and we got to get ourselves back on track but, you know, there's no panic kind of like there was a little earlier when we were losing those five games. >> meanwhile, basketball it's not much different for the wizards. they've lost three straight ballgames. five of their last seven. head coach randy whitman lit them up last night after the game and again today saying they're feeling sorry for themselves and you know this is exactly why the organizatbrought in guys like paul pierce, time tested veteran who can add some stability to the young team in a slump. >> you know we just got to get
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our edge back. that's all it is. we got to play with a better swagger, you know, right now that swagger hasn't been there over the last couple of weeks. it starts with the defense. once you have a defensive swagger, teams are intimidated by that. >> paul pierce. our play of the night comes from jared jack bang, two seconds left. that was it. game-winner with 1.3 seconds left. 1 is 102-100, the nets beat the clippers. and lance armstrong is in the news again. police say armstrong hit two parked cars while driving through aspen after a night of partying. he agreed to let his long time girlfriend take the blame. big of him. but she has now admitted lying to police and armstrong has been cited for speeding and failure to report an accident. these are weeks now after that accident. big of lance armstrong. >> i know. >> what's the latest sir? >> quiet night. you like that? you get a look outside here the next hour or two, if you look up
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and see full moon just to the left, you'll see the planet jupiter. temperatures tomorrow will start off in the temperatures, climb to about 50 in the afternoon with partly cloudy skies. our seven day showed some flurries, this on thursday morning. cold front passes through the area in the morning. maybe a few snow showers. temperatures much colder. only the mid 30's but falling in the afternoon as it becomes very gusty. partly cloudy on friday. saturday looks beautiful. 45. sunday night and monday storm system will approach the area maybe a wintry mix. steve rudin has his eye on that for a late computer model guidance he'll share tonight at 11:00. >> why are the weekends filled with the wintry mix? >> it seems like the timing you get in the patterns that weekends seem to be the time for it. >> stop having weekends. >> ok. done. >> no! >> david muir is next with "world news tonight." join us again at 11:00. have a good night.
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breaking news this tuesday night. at this hour the outrage pilot, killed. and it's how they did it. isis in one of its most brutal acts yet. president obama, king abdullah. the urgent meeting at the white house right now. and an abc news exclusive. our team on the ground where american air strikes are charactering those terrorists. >> deadly storm. tonight, the next one already coming. the manholes exploding. cars catching fire. rob marciano and the giant traffic jam. the new headline breaking on measles. the number of cases and now, the doctors tonight, arguing that some parents are putting other families at risk. plus the breaking development on breast cancer. a new weapon approved tonight. and ginger zee with a tv first. getting this close, flying over a massive volcano. more than 2,000 degrees. hof?


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